With all the skincare advice females get, this one is the best of all! Why? Because this does not come from dermatologists or beauty experts. This comes from the place we least expect!

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If growing thick skin is something we can do, sure, why not! Keep feeding us junk and unhealthy nutrients, expose us to UV Ray lights without SPF 100 formula, and we will work on growing thick skin! Some go too far at providing SPF 30 and then claiming, “We got it all covered for you,” and then expose us to xxx amount of radiation, but we cannot complain!

But then we are expected to be friendly and glowing, for which we are pushed to use steroids containing whitening creams, which makes us thin-skinned, literally and figuratively! …

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Disclaimer: Before you read this article, it’s essential to clarify that by no means am I implying for a person to stay in a relationship full of misery, agony, discontent, and, in some extreme cases, violence to take care of your child’s early development and mental health. On the contrary, I will be making a point about the importance of remaining civil in such difficult times as a courtesy to the children the parents brought to life. We need to understand the impact of the messy and highly conflicted divorce process. Such situations can create a lifelong footprint on our…

A child and adolescent Psychiatrist reviews the literature

I recently read an excellent article at HBR on Why your Mentorship Program Isn’t Working? by W. Brad Johnson, David G. Smith & Jennifer Haythornthwaite.

While reading this one, I had my Medical Director hat on who has to manage multiple personal and professional roles while leading a team of 100+ staff across nine centers in two different cities. …

Conviction scares me.

Exploration is what I flirt with.

The universe is for you; for me, I am the multiverse.

I am merely recycled stardust that temporarily lodges at this pale blue dot—a place I believe is home - I almost claim it with full conviction.

Yet, I also know I will soon be among meteorites.

Oops, did I just contradict myself? Or am I not giving up on my idiosyncrasy that has been long forgotten? Curiosity!


Beyond the battle of conviction and contradiction, there is a dangerous locale i.e.,

Home could sometimes be a lonely territory.




Unsung ones: The story of Ken Miles and Carroll Shelby resonated at many levels. There are several unsung ones who work tirelessly for the uncharted initiatives taken by big companies and health institutions. These ghost professionals deserve a voice to be heard by the world. In this article, I present some major themes that I could identify with strongly while I watched the movie.

https://pics.alphaco ders.com/pictures/view/253882
Ford vs. Ferrari: leadership lessons for Early Career Health Professionals by ASC

I watched Ford vs. Ferrari during my annual leaves and I must say, it’s spectacular! Those who have not watched it, please do; 100% recommendation. Those who are not into movies can read about it on this Forbes article: The Real Story Behind The Most Bitter Rivalry In Auto Racing.

Acknowledge your Role as a Leader

Although Early Career Health Professional may not have a formal leadership or management title, they do have an acknowledged position. Influencing policy, trailblazing new evidence-based practice models, shifting the focus from tertiary — curative — to a primary…

The one with wisdom!

I started my career in Psychiatry formally in 2011, for which I permanently moved to Karachi from Hyderabad in 2011. I have been close to my niece and nephews. This was when they were 7ish 👦 , 6ish 👦 , and 4ish 👧 years old. With this background, my interaction became limited to them. I have millions of stories to share about all three, especially the lessons they have taught me that help me be a better aunt and a physician.

Recently, I wrote my reflections around Spending the Quarantine With a Quaranteen; An Intergenerational Learning Experience. When I wrote…

An international view from Pakistan of medical worker's experience

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

On June 30, 2020, the Ministry of the National Health Services, Pakistan, released the data of confirmed COVID-19 cases for healthcare workers across the country. The data showed that healthcare workers were particularly hard hit. Since the virus first reached Pakistan, 5,367 health workers across Pakistan have contracted the virus. Of all these infected healthcare workers, 2,798 recovered while 2,569 were still under treatment or in self-isolation, 240 were hospitalized with 58 tragically dying.

Across the world, there has been an increase in the number of Health Care Professionals infected with COVID-19. There have been numerous reports on a series…

One of the many roles of a Mental Health Professional is that of a lexicographer.

The economic and social benefits of good Mental Health include both its intrinsic value; improved mental health and well-being, and its instrumental value; ability to form and maintain relationships, to work or pursue leisure interests, and to make decisions in everyday life.

Sounds simple to me! But then one might wonder, how could anyone not see the importance of Mental Health and the urgency it demands?

Public Health

The area of Public Health evolves each moment: viruses mutate, diseases evolve, environments change. There are patterns and predictability for those who watch out. …

Based on COVID-19 related insights around medical education and a recent talk at EdTech Lounge.

Humble beginnings: I am a beginner and as an early career medical educator, I believe this is the best place to be at. I suppose I will always be a beginner for one thing and another. I will never be a charismatic Hollywood teacher pulling stunts to activate the imagination and see through your soul. No, to me that is unreasonably passionate. This is coming from years of hard work, mentorship, supervision, peer mentorship and discussions, reading, discussions, reflections, and feedback-seeking attitude. I have never been someone who would do things impromptu. …

Dr. Aisha Sanober Chachar

Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist; Co-Founder & Director @synapsepk Mental Health Entrepreneur. Recycled Stardust. Evolution. Psychoanalysis. Grit 🇵🇰

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