Dirilis: The Glorified Idea of the Muslim World to mitigate Islamophobia

By Fazila Amber

Biased portrayal of Ertugrul and Islamic history

Ertugrul: fantasy of our Prime Minister and a metaphorical hero that would now inevitably be our national role model.

In order to keep maintsun the Heoric image of Ertugrul, his story needs the bad guy, otherwise there is no story to tell.

While confronted with good and evil, reality is never as absolute as it is on lter retelling. In hindsight, the story adapts expands, and shapes to accommodate the glorified version of characters as it simplifies overtime.

Good keeps on getting better; bad continues to be worse.

With Ertugul, we have taken religious rhetoric, blended some pop culture while drawing parallels with GOT, and created an image that now has little resemblance to the person or figure who actually existed and more of an immortal god who helps us live our esteem vicariously.

I worry that this attempt of promoting Islamic values could be a slippery slope especially when its endorsed by our PM as a must-watch recommendation for Pakistani youth.

What message are we giving to the youth? Are we promoting inclusion of minority based religions? Or was it a way to prune and prepare the public while government takes a discriminatory stance towards Ahmadis?

A bit farfetched?

But who is to say when maintaining neutrality is as big a crime to the conscience as it is to the intolerant minds with ideological disagreements.